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Welcome to Our New Beginning!

What's up, Liquid Courage Fam! We are beyond excited to announce the relaunch of our website—a fresh canvas to showcase our passion, dedication, and the innovative packages we have designed just for you. This isn't just a facelift though, it's a renewed commitment to offer you exceptional experiences!

What's New on Our Website?

Our team has been weaving magic behind the scenes to bring you a website that not only looks stunning but is also stacked with the latest information. Here’s what you can expect:

Updated Packages  

We've refined our packages to ensure they cater to all your needs. Whether you're looking for our mostly-inclusive Signature Bar Service or something a little more pared back with our Bartender Only package, our curated experiences are designed just for you.

Streamlined Booking Process  

Say goodbye to confusion and hello to convenience! Our revamped booking process is as smooth as silk, guiding you at every step so you can plan your perfect event with ease.

Transparent Planning  

We believe in keeping no secrets! Our detailed planning process is laid out for you to see what goes on behind the scenes. From selecting your package of choice to crafting delicious cocktails that you can't wait to add to your IG stories, you're never in the dark.

We Want to Hear from You!

Our website might be new, but our goal remains the same—to serve you with the best. And who better to help us perfect our service than you, our valued reader?

  • Browse and Explore: Wander through our pages. Immerse yourself in what we have to offer.

  • Provide Feedback: Got suggestions? Noticed something amiss? Share your thoughts in the comments or reach out directly. Your input is essential.

  • Join the Conversation: Participate in our Instagram stories and polls. Have a burning question? Send it in. We're updating our FAQs based on what you want to know.

Don't Just Take Our Word for It

Visit our website. Explore every nook and cranny. Are there features you love, or perhaps some you think could be improved? We crafted this digital home for you, our amazing clients, so we want it to be as welcoming and useful as possible.

Share your feedback with us. Because when we say we value transparency and ease of use, we mean it. Help us make our system better for everyone.

We can't wait to go on this exciting new digital voyage with you by our side. Here’s to new adventures, both online and in the great big beautiful world out there!

Happy exploring!

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